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      JoshB's picture

      I like robots. A lot. I started actively collecting in 1998, but I always had lots of toys as a kid. I had Shogun Warriors and Star Wars toys mostly. I was heavily influenced by shows like Force 5, Robotech, Voltron, Captain Harlock, Starblazers, Speed Racer and Battle of the Planets. Today, I run CollectionDX!

      NekroDave's picture

      My earliest childhood memory is of seeing a Jumbo Shogun Warrior Daimos hidden in a closet as a gift. I had all the Shogun jumbos as a kid, but none of the diecasts so as an adult collector, my main focus has been Jumbo Machinders, including Junior Machinders, Mini Machinders, Carnival Machinders and anything else that seems to fit into the genre but recently I've decided to try to collect, and document for the site, everything Shogun related. I do collect other things as well including classic American monsters, Japanese robots and kaiju, action figures, comic books, dvds, posters, Halloween costumes, board games and anything else that I think will look good on display. Basically anything vintage horror, sci-fi and fantasy is fair game!

      AJProDie-Cast's picture

      My current collection days started in 2006, with Bandai's SOC Getter's, from Getter Robo G. I mainly stick to die-cast content collectibles vs. toys and all items have a connection with various Sci-Fi iconic movies, cartoons, comics, etc... from when I was a kid.

      Been doing reviews for awhile, has been a fun road and enjoy doing them.
      Reviews In order:

      1. 2008-06-07-Aoshima-T-800 Endoskeleton
      2. 2008-06-26-Thunderbird 2 DX (weathering version)
      3. 2009-05-10-Fewture-Boss Borot
      4. 2009-06-11-Marmit-Devilman
      5. 2009-06-13- Amok Time-Cylon Commander (Gold)
      6. 2009-06-13- Majestic-Cylon Centurion
      7. 2009-07-17-Code 3-Rebel Gunship
      8. 2010-04-04-Bandai-UltraHawk
      9. 2010-04-04-Tachikoma (Original Version)
      10. 2010-07-10-Marmit-Deslar Ship
      11. 2010-07-13- Marmit-Andromeda (Original Version)
      12. 2010-07-18-Code 3-Darth Vader's Tie Fighter
      13. 2010-07-18-Enterbay-Storm Warriors Sword & Blade Accessory Set
      14. 2011-03-03-Aoshima-Nautilus:Metallic version
      15. 2011-03-03-AutoArt-Mad Max:The Road Warrior Interceptor
      16. 2011-03-11-Aoshima-AirWolf- Normal Version
      17. 2011-03-11-Hot Wheels Elite: 1966 Movie Batcycle
      18. 2011-03-11-Hot Wheels Elite: 1966 TV Series Batmobile
      19. 2011-03-11-Hot Wheels Elite: 1989 Movie Batmobile
      20. 2011-03-11-Joyride-Knight Rider K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
      21. 2011-03-11-Product Enterprise-Space 1999: Laboratory Eagle
      22. 2011-03-11-Sunstar-Back to the Future Part II: DeLorean Time Machine
      23. 2011-03-21-2011-Hotwheels Elite: Dark Knight: Batmobile
      24. 2011-03-21-2011-Marmit -MAGMARISER
      25. 2011-04-18-2011-Kotobukiya-Dancouga
      26. 2011-04-20-22-BBC-Worldwide-Black & Gold Dalek
      27. 2011-04-20-BBC-Worldwide-Tardis
      28. 2011-04-20-Corgi-40th Anniversary Enterprise
      29. 2011-04-20-Corgi-40th Anniversary Enterprise-D
      30. 2011-04-20-Dream Machine-Blue Thunder
      31. 2011-04-20-Ertl-Mach 5: Racer X Version
      32. 2011-04-20-Marmit-Poseidon
      33. 2011-04-20-Real Action Doll Collection-Boba Fett: RADC
      34. 2011-04-22-Aoshima-Zero-X (Thunderbird Version)
      35. 2011-04-22-Product Enterprise-SPV: (Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle)
      36. 2011-05-03-Aoshima-Shin Getter 1 (W-Wings Version)
      37. 2011-05-03-Corgi-Red Dwarf Set
      38. 2011-05-03-Revoltech-Gigan
      39. 2011-05-03-TomyZoid-Blade Liger
      40. 2011-05-30-Corgi-1940's Batmobile Roadster
      41. 2011-05-30-Bandai-Daitetsujin 17
      42. 2011-06-11-Soft Garage-Tetsujin 28
      43. 2011-06-12-AutoArt-Lotus (Sub Version) - James Bond 007
      44. 2011-06-16-Product Enterprise-Stingray
      45. 2011-06-19-Bandai-Destiny Gundam
      46. 2011-06-19-Mimuko-triple Cast-Yamato
      47. 2011-06-20-Mimuko-triple Cast-Andromeda
      48. 2011-07-17-Takara-MP-01B-Ultimus Prime (Anti-Convoy)
      49. 2011-07-15-Code 3-X-Wing:(Signature Series)
      50. 2011-07-17-Hot Wheels-U.S.S. Enterprise (ST:TMP)
      51. 2011-07-19-Product Enterprise-S.H.A.D.O Mobile
      52. 2011-07-26-Fewture-Shin Getter 1
      53. 2011-08-07-Hot Toys-Matrix-Sentinel
      54. 2011-08-09-Code 3-Slave I (Signature Series)
      55. 2011-08-14-Aoshima-TB 2 (normal version)
      56. 2011-08-17-Aoshima-Arcadia (Renewal Version)
      57. 2011-08-21-Fewture-Boss Borot (Silver Version)
      58. 2011-08-25-Fewture-Doublas (Silver Version)
      59. 2011-08-27-Bandai-Evil Tiga
      60. 2011-08-29-Bandai-Knight Gear Oger
      61. 2011-09-03-Hot Toys-Iron Man: Mark VI
      62. 2011-09-12-Max Factory-GaoGaiGar:Final version
      63. 2011-09-20-Aoshima/Miracle House-Neo Getter 1 (Test and Training Machine)
      64. 2011-09-26-86Hero-Mickey Mouse
      65. 2011-10-09-Franklin Mint- Enterprise
      66. 2011-10-22-HLPro-MetalTech 01X-Grendizer:Deluxe Set Action Figure Pack
      67. 2011-10-28-Art Asylum-NX-01:Enterprise
      68. 2011-11-4-Jarwares Inc.-Sonic the Hedgehog
      69. 2011-11-15-Fewture-Ex-Gokin-Energer 1969
      70. 2011-12-14-Bandai-D-Arts-Beelzbmon
      71. 2012-1-22-HotWheels-Custom Motors-Batmobile
      72. 2012-1-27-Hot Toys-War Machine (Special Edition)
      73. 2012-4-28-Toynami-Destructor
      74. 2012-08-26-Code 3-Millennium Falcon
      75. 2013-01-22-Monsterarts-Burning Godzilla
      76. 2021-02-22-Warner Bros.-Robby the Robot
      77.2021-06-13-Sixteen 12.-Space:1999 Retro Eagle Freighter

      Optimal III's picture

      I'm a child of the 80's, so I grew up during the American toy/marketing revolution that led to great toys and cartoons alike. Which means I was also around for the beginnings of the anime invasion from Japan and console gaming. I'm crazy about comics and wrestling too. Above all, it was cartoons like Robotech, Thundercats, He-Man, and especially Transformers that instilled in me a fascination for physical representations of the things I saw or read about.

      Transformers is still #1 in my book, but my interests have grown to so much more. And I always knew on some level I wanted to be a serious collector. Even as a little kid, if I wasn't playing with my toys, I liked to have them displayed in very particular ways and stored safely so as not to break anything.

      It was in high school then that I became serious, after doing the online retail thing for a bit and selling off my loose stuff. I realized packaging was important to me too. So I now seek to build the greatest post-70's toy collection in the world, one figure at a time. And while I'm at it, share the history and joy of toys by archiving and writing about them.

      ryolung's picture

      Primarily a collector of all things Marvel/DC toy line-up. Did I also mention I do like imports?

      Ginrai's picture

      I like Macross and Gundam. Robots that turn into jets are good. I have some other random stuff, some Transformers, some Henshin Cyborg, stuff like that, but I'm trying to cull it down to the essentials.

      VZMK2's picture

      A big fan of both mecha and moe figures. Besides collecting toys, I'm also an artist and enjoy watching anime.

      djinniman37's picture

      I was a big fan of Transformers as a kid. Over the years, I picked up a few TFs to add to what I had left over from my childhood, and eventually I hada good sized collection. Now, I've expanded into other giant robot toys, notably Voltron, Shogun Warriors, and Power Rangers/Sentai mecha. Love to share the toy collecting with my two sons!

      BraveMSW's picture

      Collect mainly Takara DX Brave series toys. And whatever else catches my intrest. Some Transformers, some Macross and Gundams. But mainly beefy transformable and combineing super robots is my thing.

      Goldenage's picture

      Likes 80's transforming robots that include plastic, diecast and rubber.

      The Enthusiast's picture

      I love robots of many varieties. My work for CDX is more focused on the obscure or unusual, but most of my collection is made up of classic Gokin and Real Robot-era pieces. My favorite toys of all time are Diaclone. My robo-fetishes are diecast, transparency, magnets, and motorcycles, although you could say that goofiness, ugliness, weirdness, and obscurity are also fetishes.

      My favorite designers are Syd Mead and Kawamori Shoji.

      I am an architect in beautiful Denver, CO. My other obsessions are music, design, Vespas, and reading.

      ZA's picture

      I've loved robots since a found a discarded transformer lost on a beach as a child.

      成 人 黄 色 网站 视频
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